Entrepreneur13 min readEntrepreneurship
Turning Rejection Into Triumph: How Sarah Michelle Gellar and Her Co-Founders Built a New Baking Brand
As an actor, Sarah Michelle Gellar was used to rejection and uphill battles, but co-founding her startup, Foodstirs, has been a challenge like no other.
Entrepreneur15 min readEntrepreneurship
How Entrepreneurship Is Helping to Save Puerto Rico
After Hurricane Maria savaged Puerto Rico, a man named Jesse Levin used what he'd learned as an entrepreneur and applied it to disaster relief. And it worked.
Entrepreneur12 min readEntrepreneurship
Founders Share How They Survived a Major Crisis -- and What They Learned From It
From a client taking their company hostage to a competitor smearing their product, entrepreneurs share how they got through awful situations.
Entrepreneur3 min readFood & Wine
How This Franchisor Found Sweet Success With an Ice Cream Experiment
Creamistry's Jay Yim took a crazy experiment in his garage and grew it into a global ice cream brand.
Entrepreneur3 min readEntrepreneurship
A Buzzing Business: How These Entrepreneurs Turned a Longtime Annoyance Into Successful Careers in Pest Control
Mosquito Joe franchisees Kurt and Melissa Godwin share how their second career helped create a better work-life balance for them.
Entrepreneur3 min read
The 4 Ways Associations Can Help Franchisees
While independent franchisee associations can be viewed as confrontational, when all involved parties get talking, the groups can be a collaborative source of support and education.
Entrepreneur9 min readLeadership & Mentoring
Can Colleges Teach People How to Franchise?
Long neglected by business schools, franchising is finally gaining a foothold in the world of higher ed. But will students follow?
Entrepreneur5 min read
Why You Need to Always Be Questioning Yourself
I want to tell you about the time I admitted I didn’t know what I was doing. When I realized I wasn’t the right man for the job, and I started asking uncomfortable questions about my role here at Entrepreneur -- questions my peers might scold me for
Entrepreneur2 min read
How an Interior Designer Draws Strength From Her Grandfather's Former Church
I remember Sunday mornings, growing up on the west side of Chicago: the streets quiet, the air still, my grandfather’s pocket change jingling while he opened the doors to his church. Reverend Johnnie Jackson was a Baptist preacher -- rousing, animate
Entrepreneur6 min readFood & Wine
The Director Behind the Ocean Eleven's Franchise Shares How His Storytelling Skills Helped Build His Liquor Startup
Hollywood director Steven Soderbergh is trying to turn an obscure Bolivian spirit into a hot company.
Entrepreneur1 min read
Rising Stars: The Top 100 New Franchises to Keep Your Eyes On
These companies may be new to the scene, but they are already giving the big guys a run for their money with innovative models, marketing methods and menus.
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
How Small Startups Can Profit From Competitor's Woes
With the right mix of speed, timing and guts, smart founders can profit hugely from their much, much, much larger rivals' misfortune.
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
Scaling Your Company to Always Serve Your Customers
Research shows customers are increasingly fickle. And as companies grow, founders tend to forget that.
Entrepreneur3 min readBusiness Biography & History
Inside Shopify's Intoxicating Distillery-Turned-Office Space
The ecommerce platform's headquarters was formerly a Seagram's distillery -- and the building's history is still showcased and celebrated.
Entrepreneur2 min read
This Entrepreneur's First Gift to Himself: a Huge House on the Shore
Steve Vicario married young, bought a house young and had to work three jobs just to keep the bills paid. But despite the pressure, he had ambition. “I told my wife, ‘One day we’re gonna have our own shore house,’” he says. “ ‘We’re gonna have the th
Entrepreneur3 min readLeadership & Mentoring
6 Founders Share What Still Scares Them About Entrepreneurship -- and How They Push Past These Fears
Launching a business is scary, and sometimes running one is even scarier. That's why we asked six seasoned founders: What piece of entrepreneurship still terrifies you, and how do you face it? “I’m petrified of my accountant. Coming from a creative b
Entrepreneur3 min read
After 90 Meetings in 90 Days, These Founders Finally Found Their Customer
After creating a potentially groundbreaking solution, two founders weren't sure whom to sell it to.
Entrepreneur3 min read
Ask These 3 Questions to Determine Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars
Stretching your marketing dollars is imperative, especially when there aren't that many marketing dollars to stretch.
Entrepreneur12 min readTech
Are Influencers Worth Your Money? We Went Undercover to Find Out.
As traditional advertising methods fade, a new generation of young social media mavens -- 'influencers' -- are offering businesses their endorsements in exchange for money or free stuff. But is it worth it?
Entrepreneur3 min read
How Two Young Sisters Are Proving Themselves in the World of Franchising
At just 24 and 22 years old, Jessica and Andrea Perez are getting a crash course in the restaurant business, and fearlessly climbing the steep learning curve at Wing Zone.
Entrepreneur3 min readLeadership & Mentoring
How Going From Owner to Employee Made This Entrepreneur a Better Leader
Rik Nonelle founded Window Genie, grew it for 22 years and then sold it -- but stayed on as president.
Entrepreneur3 min readTime Management
How to Figure Out What Your Time Is Worth
March used to be my NBA-watching time. More than halfway through the season, I’d want to see my beloved Miami Heat scrap (or often stumble) its way toward the playoffs. I’d tune in at home. I’d watch on my phone when out. I’d follow games on Twitter.
Entrepreneur3 min read
5 Ways Franchisees Can Protect Their Business Interests
A longtime franchisee lawyer explains how franchisees can best protect their business interests.
Entrepreneur6 min readFashion & Beauty
Eva Longoria: the Best Word for Her Brand Is 'No'
Award-winning actor and serial entrepreneur Eva Longoria moves between industries, constantly looking to challenge the way things have always been done.
Entrepreneur8 min readLeadership & Mentoring
More Women Are Entering Franchising -- and It's Changing the Industry
Women are buying franchises at a rate far faster than men. Now the industry is asking itself: Why?
Entrepreneur3 min read
A Men's Yoga Brand Learns the Real Meaning of Flexibility
In the fall of 2008, after years of beating himself up playing football and lacrosse, Joe Kudla took up yoga. But he couldn’t find much to wear. “Out of 17 million people doing yoga, six million were men—the fastest-growing demographic,” says the 40-
Entrepreneur2 min read
The 150 Fastest-Growing Franchises
Meet the companies that are leveraging their ability to scale fast -- and take their franchisees along with them.
Entrepreneur5 min readEntrepreneurship
From Online to Offline: How Brands Use Big Data to Figure Out Where Their Customers Will Shop
Ecommerce brands are using big data to open stores exactly where their customers want them.
Entrepreneur2 min readEntrepreneurship
How Barry's Bootcamp Found Its Perfect Company Mantra
The CEO of Barry's Bootcamp shares how a piece of artwork at a garage sale helped shape the company's mission.
Entrepreneur3 min readTech
When to Use Your Email Signature for More Than a Sign-Off
The email signature can be a powerful marketing tool -- but it can quickly become an irritating vehicle of self-promotion.
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